Has The Bitcoin Money Train Left The Station?

If you’d bought $10 of Bitcoin within 2 years of the release, you’d be a multimillionaire today! Bitcoin made multiple millionaires, but is it too late for you? In 2009 Bitcoin was released and a handful of people bought bitcoins just for fun. Back then, nobody took it seriously and so only small purchases were made. Seriously, Bitcoin increased in value at such a rate that 400 bitcoins ($5 in 2009) are now worth $4,400,000. Crazy!!!

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The Fast Track – The Science of Getting Promoted

Ever noticed how some people get promoted faster than others. One guy works for five years, pays his dues, doesn’t miss a day, never steps out of line. Another joins the company with seemingly no relevant experience and gets promoted six months later. This article will explain exactly why that happens, and also explain how you can get that promotion or even get a better job.

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