Is It Too Late For Bitcoin?

So you’ve seen the media talking about cryptocurrency and now you’re wondering if the Bitcoin train has left the station… well it most definitely has! But there are plenty of trains sitting on the platform and this article is going to showing you exactly what to do and how.

The Math

First, let’s talk Bitcoin for a moment. If you’d bough 400 or more Bitcoins back in 2009/2010 ($12), you’d now have over $1 million today. Hurts, I know. Everyone here has banged there head against the door at least once for that oversight. Moving on!

The reason for this massive profit is that back at the beginning of Bitcoin’s release and growth, a single coin was $0.0025. People put in a little pocketmoney back them just find out what it was all about. Those guys are millionaires now.

If you bought a single Bitcoin today ”low”, and sold it next week “high”, your investment would be $2600 and your profit would be only $300… on average. Not very inspiring, right?

The Alternative

Indeed, the Bitcoin money train is long gone, but the cyptocurrency market is still in its infancy and there are dozens of other names hoping to make millionaires over the next few years.
Currently, there are over thirty Cryptocurrency brands to choose from. One in ten are holding prices at a respectable $200 per coin, give or take. Eight Currencies are sill below 10cents per coin. Another eight are still blow $1. If you are planning to profit significantly from cryptocurrency, this is the obvious place to look.


The Alternative Math

Think about it, let’s say you choose ten currencies with the most potential and invested $10 in each one. That’s a total investment of just $100. As you can see, around 1 in 3 currencies are holding at the $200 mark which is what we are going to focus on now.

If you bought $10 worth of Potcoin, you’d get just over 100 coins. If Potcoin follows Bitcoin, digitalcash, or ZCash growth in the first two years, your 100 coins will be worth $20,000.

If you buy ten or more different currencies, there’s a very high probability that one or more will reach or exceed that level. Your $100 investment returns $20K, assuming only one rises.
Bitcoin ambassadors such as Bill Gates and PayPal’s Wences Casares say a single Bitcoin may rise to as much as $500,000 by the year 2030.

Let’s say you sign up with a broker and buy $100 worth of Bitcoin right now then sit on it for 10 years. Here’s the math.

  • $100 worth of Bitcoin gets you 0.01% of a coin ($2700 per coin).
  • 0.01% of a single coin (priced at 500K) is worth $5,500


Invest $100 on ten fledgling cryptocurrencies and hope one reaches $200 per coin


Invest $100 in Bitcoin and hope that the price reaches half-a-million in ten years.

We strongly suggest you follow this research strategy for choosing which Cryptocurrencies to invest in. It is literally the most accurate way to predict coming price shifts. It will clearly show you which of the cryptocurrency brands from the above list) are a dead donkey, and which have real potential.

Three last things before you go off to make your fortune.

  1. Right now, there are five currencies that will make you a millionaire from a $50 investment, and that’s just if the coin price reaches $200.
  2. As for Bitcoin, you would need to buy at least 2 bitcoins ($5400) to make a million, and you’d have to wait for another thirteen years… according to PayPal’s Wenses Caseres.
  3. Read this easy to follow guide, see exactly why crypto-prices are so volatile, and retask free online tools to know which brand name will create the next cryptocurrency millionaires. Just one of those potential millionaire-makers will spike in price any day now. Don’t wait another day and miss out again. Get started today.

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