Forecasting Cryptocurrencies is a Reality After 2017 Volume Spikes

What Effects Cryptocurrency Prices?

Crypto currency prices rise because of the buying volumes. The more people buy, the higher the price. When prices rise, interest spikes and people buy while the prices are still low enough, which raises the prices, so more people… you get the idea.

Eventually, the price gets too high and people stop buying. The price stabilizes, confidence is lost, and people “sell when high”, which causes the prices to temporarily crash. Today’s smart investors are getting rich from these waves of high and low, but to maximize your profits and limit your risks, you need to know which currency is about to rise next… before the price spikes.

The Search Engine Strategy works like a cryptocurrency early warning system. Cryptocurrency info comes from online sources, and the info people are seeing is being governed by some very predictable rules. Sites are dependent on marketing to be noticed, which brings us to those powerhouse influencers we call online search engines.

Why Does The Strategy Work so well?


Online search engines work the same way as Cryptocurrencies in that whatever is most popular, gets the most attention, which becomes more popular, which gets even more attention… you get the idea. Simply put, Cryptocurrencies have a “viral” behavior, and search engines know exactly how to create and manipulate the viral effect. Keep reading to see how easy it is to predict the next viral price shift.

Ex-forex executive Gaines found that running specific searches on Google yielded measurable results that happen to precede cryptocurrency price shifts – in some cases by several days. Gaines then further refined the process using Google’s free software tool “Keyword Planner” to target specific brands and see which one would rise next. The two information sources in concert show exactly what people are interested in and where buying volumes will grow. Knowing how to use the free and simple online tools with targeted keywords gives a virtual glimpse into the future. This symbiotic relationship is actually the cause of the price spikes, not the effect or rather the after effect, as many assume.


The results speak for themselves. Using the keyword research tool and a targeted word list of over thirty identifiers, anyone can see which marketing campaigns are influencing the public opinion. Knowing the big picture gives the Search Engine strategy “user” the early-bird advantage so they can “buy when low, sell when high”, days before the price spike occurs.

Click here to get the Diary of a Bitcoin Millionaire and read the steps to using the Keyword Planner, and the complete list of keywords indicators. Know exactly which brand is about to rise.

Start low and slow. Let the strategy do the work, reinvest your profits, be patient and methodical, and let your portfolio grow with each low-high wave. At the first signs that the Gaines strategy is being sabotaged or no longer effective, take your money, run, and never look back.

Get the Strategy now and test it for yourself before you even invest a penny. Once you’re satisfied, go for gold, but don’t wait too long, nothing good lasts forever!!!



2 thoughts on “Forecasting Cryptocurrencies is a Reality After 2017 Volume Spikes

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    1. I’m running the strategy too. Next spike is Dash. Check the date of this post then check a graph in mid august. This is crazy funny. How long will this work for?


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