The secret that “The Secret” doesn’t want you to know!

It’s been well over a decade since The Secret first hit the shelves claiming you can think yourself into wealth. The Law of Attraction has a complicated history that has been used and abused in the name of selling, and it’s high time we set the record straight.

law of attraction.jpegThe Secret is loosely based on the teachings of the Law of Attraction. Loosely because it took a human weakness and played on it in order to gain interest and sales.

The Law of attraction has been known for centuries, in fact, the Christian bible is full of such wisdom, but actually the Law of Attraction predates even the bible. A century ago, it was made popular by writer Napoleon Hill, who is (ironically) also responsible for the downfall of this amazing system. The Law of Attraction states that what you think about, you get, but there is a bridge between this cause and effect that The Secret neglected to mention.


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Our decisions or actions are controlled by our thoughts. Emotions are physiological responses to powerful thoughts. Everything we consciously do comes from our brain. If you have a high level of fitness, it is because you consciously and routinely decided to workout. If you have a PhD it’s because you pushed yourself to study over a long period of time. Thoughts change reality by guiding actions.

Napoleon Hill firmly stated many times throughout his early publications that focused action was required, but as he grew older his books went off topic. He was commonly having delusional episodes and his senility was fully out the window by the end, and a metaphysical supernatural side of the Law of Attraction was born. Other writers such as Earl Nightingale tried to rescue the Law of Attraction with over thirty books and audio recordings, but the mystical prevailed and led to The Secret.

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If you are interested to change your life in a significant way, you need to stick to the original Law of Attraction and avoid any of the books that rely on an otherworldly consciousness, or a magical unseen force.

There are other rules to success that wealthy people tend to avoid mentioning, so you really do need to read books that are new and relevant to today’s online environment.

There is more than one modern interpretation of the Law of Attraction that actually gets results, but in all cases the timeline is the same. Thoughts make actions – actions make things. Check out this superb video the puts action back into the Law of AtrACTION and get busy building your dream, or stay busy building someone else’s.


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