Has The Bitcoin Money Train Left The Station?

If you’d bought $10 of Bitcoin within 2 years of the release, you’d be a multimillionaire today! Bitcoin made multiple millionaires, but is it too late for you? In 2009 Bitcoin was released and a handful of people bought bitcoins just for fun. Back then, nobody took it seriously and so only small purchases were made. Seriously, Bitcoin increased in value at such a rate that 400 bitcoins ($5 in 2009) are now worth $4,400,000. Crazy!!!

Is It Too Late to board the Bitcoin Money Train?

Short answer… yes! Sorry for being the bearer of bad news. You’ve probably heard he hype that it’s not too late. This source of this are the owners of Bitcoin trying to drive the prices higher by increasing sales. Bitcoin prices will fluctuate with periodic rises and falls, but you’ll be lucky to double your money in the next five years. Bitcoins value went sky high because of massive interest and huge purchases. Those people around the world who prefer to transfer money internationally (without the knowledge of governments) bought into Bitcoin heavily. This massive interest ramped up the prices and started a viral interest. Those wealthy influencers now have all the bitcoin they need, and current prices are at an all-time high, and we regular folk won’t be buying much at €$2600 per Bitcoin.

If you hear that Bitcoin prices are due to spike again, you are probably hearing propaganda created by Bitcoin owners for the purpose of trying to inflate their own Bitcoin values. The only way Bitcoin could make a significant rise is if millions of people or people with millions invest in Bitcoin while the prices are at an all-time high. Ask yourself, who would do that? Bitcoin is a fancy pyramid scheme and unless you get started near the top, it’s just not worth it.


What about the other Cryptocurrencies?

Other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Zcash are popping up. Some hope to repeat the Bitcoin phenomenon, some are just hoping to sucker people into investing by using the Bitcoin phenomenon as a template.

There are now over 30 cryptocurrencies available worldwide, which is actually a bad thing. Intensely focused buying is the only way a cryptocurrency can produce a significant price spike. Since the majority of people interested in Cryptocurrencies have already made their investment and more than thirty “wanna-be-Bitcoin” brands are squabbling for the crumbs, this means none of the cryptocurrencies have even a remote chance of repeating the 800,000X value increase of Bitcoin.

It really doesn’t matter where you put your money, there isn’t a single scenario that will pay off in the long or short term. Those lucky few who bought Bitcoin in the beginning are not an example of what might happen for you.

If not cryptocurrencies then what?

Truth is, there is one obvious road in which to take. It offers continuous income, even when you’re not doing anything. It doesn’t have any limit to the amount of money you can earn, it requires zero investment to get started, and it was done by every single billionaire.

The downfall is that it can be hard work and it usually takes a few years. If your willing to put in the effort today to ensure a better tomorrow, then there’s a way for you that is practically guaranteed.

memory stick.jpg

If you’d like to know how to get started building your financial future from nothing, click here.


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