The Fast Track – The Science of Getting Promoted

Ever noticed how some people get promoted faster than others. One guy works for five years, pays his dues, doesn’t miss a day, never steps out of line. Another joins the company with seemingly no relevant experience and gets promoted six months later. This article will explain exactly why that happens, and also explain how you can get that promotion or even get a better job.

There are three types of long-term employees trying to get promoted.

  • Guys Taking the Stairs – Their advances are slow and labored and they never make it to the top.
  • Guys Taking The Escalator – Their advances are slightly faster but much easier. They advance to the next level and spend a lengthy period getting to know the environment before finding the next upward escalator.
  • Guys in the elevator – These guys rise quickly. They overtake everyone and have a particular characteristic.

The Fast Track winners dress a little better than others. They dress a little smarter than most, they always seem cheerful and energetic, and they don’t get stressed. They are polite and respectful to the receptionists, security guards, & cleaners, and the bosses invite them to social events. Here’s why.

A great salesman rarely makes a great sales manager. An honest and diligent factory worker rarely makes an effective foreman. The roles are very different. Leadership requires a specific mindset in order to be effective. Like a new lion to the plains, the bosses easily recognize one of their own and send down the lift. The fast track is an easy life, a good income, nice car, and some amazing options for the future. So how to get the key to the elevator?

Attitude is the most important, but changing your character takes time. I’ve changed many characters over the years, and it still amazes me how they seem to change physically. How they walk, how they greet people, how they shake hands. It’s incredible to see it, but what’s more astonishing is how quickly success follows them. It’s a lot to explain, so for now, let’s get started with the easy changes.

Clothes – Dress like a taxi driver, be a taxi driver. If you wear a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers at work, you are invisible to the bosses. You need to change your image. Don’t put on your best suit next Monday morning, your colleagues will lose all respect and the bosses will see you as a sheep in wolves clothing. Here are the steps that should change monthly.

Month 1. T-Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers, backpack

Month 2. Short sleeve collared Shirt, Jeans, Sneakers, backpack

Month 3. Short sleeve collared Shirt, Jeans, Black leather shoes, backpack

Month 4. Short sleeve collared Shirt, slacks, Black leather shoes, backpack

Month 5. Short sleeve collared Shirt, slacks, Black leather shoes, Soft Black Laptop Case

Month 7.  Short sleeve collared Shirt, slacks, Black leather shoes, Soft Black Laptop Case

At this point start wearing a sports jacket for travel. Let people see you arrive and leave wearing it, but don’t wear it around the office. Walk with confidence. Get to know the cleaners and support staff. Ask about their husbands and hobbies, but be brief. Don’t hang out at the coffee machine gossiping with the complaining bunch that never get promoted, you are about to be invited into the elevator, so smile.

These changes make for a good start. People will look at you differently, don’t let that freak you out… you want that. So now the exterior is set, you need to change your inner self, otherwise, the bosses will kick you out the elevator before you get to the first second floor and leave you in middle management forever.

As I said, it’s way too much for one article. There are ways to get the information you need to change your mindset. The first is free, but not so simple. There are literally hundreds of websites like LifeHacker365 that offer page upon page of free advice. You only need to spend a few hours every evening digging around.

WARNING: Not all of these sites offer value and you might get frustrated reading the same old stuff that doesn’t actually tell you exactly what to do. We’ve found loads of sites that know some of the steps, but not all of the steps in one single place.

If you don’t mind spending $10, we suggest you avoid all the frustration, save yourself a truck load of time, and just read a book that has been causing quite a stir on social media. It’s called the The Key and it promises to open doors and unlock lost potential.

unlike many of the metaphysical wishful thinking belief systems that have saturated the bookshelves, The Key actual gives a list of tasks that inspire and require creative and focused action. According to buzz, the first chapter is a shocking eye opener, and we agree. Let’s just say, if you’re not where you want to be, you’re about to find out exactly why not, and you’re not going to like it.

Spoiler alert. According to Author Paul Reid, it’s not your fault. Fortunately, The Key is a complete journey from recognizing your own strengths to the actual taking actions that by practically every millionaire who ever lived took. check out this inspiring video, then (to quote The Key)

“get busy on you’re, or stay business building someone else’s.”



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