Be Selfish (for a change)

Most people assume being selfish is a bad thing. When the oxygen masks fall during an airplane emergency, the passengers are supposed to put on their own mask first and then their children’s. Is this selfish, or just good sense? Logic suggests that if you put on your children’s first, you might pass out, and your children might not be capable of putting your mask on in the chaos. So when I say, be selfish, I’m actually saying, take care of yourself first, then help others. Life and success works in exactly the same way.

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A Letter From Your Future Self

It’s amazing how many people know this idea, but never get round to doing it. Give it a try. You’ll realize a few things about yourself before you get to the words “and I lived happily ever after!”

Here’s a few rules:


  1. Be spectacular. Ever watched one of those boring movies where nothing really happens? Make sure your story includes action, travel, and coincidence. Throw in some struggles, a bad guy too.
  2. Believably unbelievable!?! No UFOs dropping diamonds at your door, but don’t settle for average either. Make the story flow, and have month and year milestones.

Bad Example: I went to bed, worried about how I’m going to pay my rent next month. The next morning, I got up, jumped in my Lamborghini, and headed off to shoot 18 holes with my buddies.

Good Example: I’d been thinking of starting a delivery service since June 2018, so when I met my new neighbour the following month and he told me he had 3 refrigerated 

vans, I couldn’t believe my luck.

  1. Make sure your happy ending has a year. If your transformation is going to be done alone, 5 to 7 years will be about right. If you’re partnering with someone, you can go with 2 or 3 years from now.

Remember to right in the past tense as though it has already happened. I met… we opened… a news channel featured. Be sure to include actions. Got the license to… Found an advertiser that… wrote to… got and answer from…

treasure-chest-619868_1920.jpgMonitor your emotions when writing “your story.” If something feels like bull$hit, then it is, and it won’t work. You can change your mind about the details anytime you like, and don’t worry if your story unfolds a little slower than you wrote… it’s always the case.

When your story is complete, print it. This is bringing your story into the physical world. If you die without writing it, the story never existed. If you keep it on a computer, it is only a collection of 1s and 0s. Print it on paper, and it becomes physical. It exists. Now send it to yourself by post. When it arrives in your post box, consider it a letter from the future, and read it. Stick it to your bathroom mirror, or on the wall next to the coffeemaker, somewhere you’ll be able to see it. Touch it every day, pointing to where you are in the story so far. When you wrote it, you made it believable, so start believing.

Wishing you a wonderful epilogue!

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Being Selfish: Good or Bad?

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? If you’re looking for a change, one thing you might consider being is more selfish! What? Selfish? Seriously? I imagine you were expecting some cliche motivational book quote such as “Conceive, believe, receive.”

Not this time. Motivation is a necessary part of changing your life for the better, but one behavior that very few writers dare to mention is being selfish. Consider this:

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Starting your Own Business with Empty pockets

This is so easy, it’s crazy. Let’s say you want to open a small business like a restaurant or a gym. What’s stopping you? Most people say they don’t have the money to do it. Here’s the thing, money is not the first thing you need. When you eventually need the money… it will come. This is not some foolish wishful thinking that ends in disappointment. It is the way things work for everyone. Let me explain…

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